Good Days for you

Our goal at Good Days is to equip you with beautiful, functional, high performance activewear that will inspire you to move. 

Advocating for individual well-being is at the core of our brand ethos. We know first-hand the importance of an active lifestyle on mental health, and at Good Days we are big on self care: it's about feeling your best, not just physically, but mentally too. Run, hike, squat, dance, downward dog: whatever your vibe, move, and feel good doing it.

We wanted to create a brand that would be inclusive and accessible. Ethical and sustainably focused brands have developed a reputation for being unaffordable and hard to access, and we don’t want this to be the case.  

Good Days for our planet

It all started with our growing awareness of the global plastic waste crisis, and the devastating impact on our oceans.

We knew that we wanted to create a product that would help to contribute to a circular economy and provide a way to divert waste away from oceans and landfill into something with a long life.

That’s why we are creating our activewear using recycled polyester and nylon that comes from post-consumer plastic waste, which is broken down and reformed into high quality yarns suitable for a premium quality product.

The fashion industry is a huge strain on the environment, due to pollution, waste, water consumption, CO2 emissions. We want this brand to be created consciously: keeping sustainable and ethical practices at the forefront of our decision making. You can find out more about our sustainability initiatives here

About the founder

The idea for this brand was first conceived whilst living in London, where I struggled to find high quality activewear that was both well-priced and sustainably produced. The project came to life following a move to Hong Kong and my discovery of amazing manufacturing partners in Bali, Indonesia, which I found were completely aligned with my values surrounding ethics and sustainability. 

I am passionate about health and wellness, and wanted to create an inclusive collection of activewear that would inspire and empower other women to use movement as a key part of their wellbeing.

Importantly, I want women to be able to buy from Good Days knowing confidently that ethical and earth-conscious decisions have been made at each stage of creation. 


Founder, Good Days

Good Days Activewear Founder           Good Days Activewear Founder 

About the name

Good Days was founded during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in Spring 2020 (although the idea was born a while before that), during a time of huge challenges being felt across the globe: social, environmental and economic. We wanted this brand to embody a sense of optimism, advocating for good days to emerge from the chaos, for people, and for the planet.