We’re doing everything we can to avoid single use plastics. Our products are sent to us by our manufacturer in biodegradable, compostable non-toxic bags made from cassava starch made by Avani in Bali.

We then mail our products to our customers in mailers by The Better Packaging Co. which are made from corn starch and other plants. They have received the AS 5810-2010 certification by The Australian Standard for their ability to decompose, one of the most rigorous certification programmes for the testing of biodegradable standards in the world.

Both of these bags can be composted with home compost at the end of life and will breakdown within 3-6 months.

Your products will be sent to you packaged with a Good Days tote bag, which you can reuse again and again for carrying your grocery shopping, gym kit, laptop… They are made in Bali using waste fabric from rice bags which are then cleaned and repurposed.

Our tags and inserts are made using recycled paper.